But First, London

After watching practically all of my fellow abroad peers become acclimated to their respective home countries for a few weeks, I can safely say this past month has felt like an eternity. My classes at the University of Copenhagen don’t start until February, a pretty significant contrast to the departures of friends who scrambled their suitcases together and hopped on a plane during the first days or weeks of 2017. However, the lingering cool temperatures and my growing anticipation can only mean one thing––my semester abroad is right around the corner!

In fact, I leave for Copenhagen in one week. While I have definitely grown antsy to begin this semester, the extra allotted time to get organized was definitely not the worst to have on my side. I was able to pack and repack (emphasis on repack) and cross off every last to-do on my checklist with minimal stress. I finally got my KU class enrollment under wraps: I’m taking International Economics, Development Economics, and a literature class called Nordic Mythology. I actually kept adding new tasks to complete up until the very last week before my departure, so I suppose the freedom in my schedule was definitely beneficial. Plus, I was fortunate to have more time to spend with my friends and family and avoid the overwhelming yet inevitable round of goodbyes.

It’s insane to think I’ll be in the place I will soon call home for the very first time––the place I have never seen with my own eyes, but I will know like the back of my hand in a few short months. Starting school so late has also provided the perfect opportunity to stop in London and spend a few days in my favorite European city, which I am so incredibly excited to see again. This trip around, I’m looking to become more familiarized with the distinctive personalities of each neighborhood as well as the Tube, their underground railroad system.

I’ve loosely planned out a few sights and experiences for my time spent in London, but I’m mainly looking to just walk around and absorb on my own without a map or a plan.

  • Regent Street and Oxford Street — Two of London’s most distinctive streets to do some serious shopping on. There is absolutely every store imaginable, including many that are exclusive to the United Kingdom. There are many side streets off these roads, such as New Bond and Carnaby, that are also famous and offer plenty to see and do.
  • Camden — London’s edgy, artsy neighborhood, with a famous market called Camden Lock that sells interesting finds, street art, and ethnic food. I guarantee anyone could spend hours upon hours exploring this unique and free-spirited area.
  • Sketch — Located off Regent Street, Sketch is a tea room I have been dying to try and have already booked my reservation for.
  • The British Museum — Houses the Rosetta Stone along with many other global treasures.
  • Victoria and Albert Museum — The world’s largest museum of art and design. There is always amazing fashion exhibits!
  • Knightsbridge — Located just south of Hyde Park, Knightsbridge is home to Harrod’s, a world-famous department store, as well as Sloane Street.
  • Notting Hill — Home to Portobello Market, a large outdoor market with unique finds.

Though this is plenty to fill my short visit with, I realize there is so much of London I have yet to experience that I will hopefully hit the tip of the iceberg of this trip around. And before I know it, I’ll be heading off to my new Danish home for the first time. As I prepare to leave for Europe later tonight, I’m filled with a whirlwind of nerves, excitement, and gratitude. See you in June, America!

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  1. In London is some place u have to visit: tower of London, view from the Shard and Westminster Abbey. When we travel to London, every time going to visit these places. Thanks for post.

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