Studying While Abroad

Hello All,

I know the last time I posted I apologized because it had been so long between posts… and well here I am another two weeks later. So, again, I’m sorry that it has been such a long gap since I’ve gotten around to writing an update. Truth is, I have no idea where the last two weeks have gone. Ok, that’s a lie, I know exactly where they went. The last two weeks my time has been dedicated to two essays, two groups projects, and beginning my final photojournalism project (if you have any ideas, let me know). I know what you’re all thinking… “Abby, its only the second week of February, what do you mean you’re working on final projects?” Well, the thing is, the second half of my semester includes an internship (updates on that to come in the future), which means my electives end in less than three weeks! It’s crazy how much of the semester has already flown by!

Aside from all the fun (note some sarcasm) school stuff, I have also had some free time… well when I’m not taking a nap that is. I believe last time I posted my Dad had visited, and I spent the day with my cousins. Well, my Dad is actually stopping by this weekend for a business meeting, which is really exciting! As for the cousins, I got to spend this past Saturday with Hannah and Ben (who are still wonderful, amazing, and generally just awesome people to be around).  We went out to eat at Wagamama, and it was AMAZING. Like, seriously, I was very impressed. After that, we just walked around the city, and through Hyde Park (and also grabbed a Starbucks).  All in all, a really great afternoon!

Going back further into last weekend, this past Friday my friends and I explored Notting Hill. It was so quaint and gorgeous. There was an outdoor market and lots of fun little shops. Every street you turned down had houses painted different colors, and it was a well-needed change from the all white buildings around my part of the neighborhood.

That day we also stopped in the HUGE (and touristy) Harrods. It’s basically this absolutely giant department store, and it was completely overwhelming. Although I’m glad we popped in, I’m not sure I’ll need to go back anytime soon.

Like I mentioned earlier, unfortunately I haven’t really done that much since the last time I posted. Recently it has been a lot of school work, and it was the first time I truly realized I actually have to study abroad. Of course, I’ve gotten to go on a lot of extra curricular excursions for my classes themselves. In the past two week I’ve been to the Tate (twice), on a street art field trip in Shoreditch, the Design museum, Brick Lane and took a trip on the London Eye. Aside from staying around London, we also got to take a day trip to Oxford. The city itself was gorgeous, and the University is insane. Of course, my friends and I also bought ourselves sweatshirts in the hopes that we can pretend we’ve been attending Oxford this whole time. The best field trip out of all of them, however, had to have been when my class got to tour Wembley Stadium. We got to go into the changing rooms and even got to walk through the players tunnel out to the pitch. They even played some pump-up music so that it felt more realistic, and when you walked out the view was incredible!

Unfortunately, since they were for class, I didn’t get much time to explore on my own, but these are definitely some places I want to make my way back to sometime in the next three months… yeah, that’s right. I only have three months left. I really can’t comprehend how a whole month has gone by already. As I have completely adjusted to being here, I know these three months are going to go by too quickly. When I list the weekends out loud, it already seems like I don’t have much time left. I’m very fortunate to have a lot of people visiting during the rest of the duration of my trip, and I can’t wait to be a “tour guide” for them when they come. However, as much as I want them to come, I definitely do not want to be wishing the rest of my time away. I apologize that this is quite a short post. Hopefully since I got these papers out of the way, I’ll be able to update you on some more enticing trips and activities. Until then, happy February!

Best Wishes,

xxx Abby