So, yeah. I didn’t post a blog as soon as my Aunts left. BUT I have one now, which is all that really matters! Let me tell you, the last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind of activity, and it has culminated to one of the best days of both my, and my sister’s, life! But, let’s start with my Aunts arriving, shall we?

Since I was up at my cousin’s house the weekend my Aunts arrived, I didn’t actually get to see them until Sunday night. After getting past the initial hugs, and extras from my mom, we made our way to a restaurant next door for dinner. There we had amazing Italian cuisine, and probably some of the best desserts of my life. The rest of the week with them was a compilation of all things touristy! After I got past the initial weird feeling I had about being a tourist in the place I’ve lived for two months, I’m so glad I got to see everything that we did! Monday we spent the day around Westminster, and toured Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take pictures inside the Abbey, but it was absolutely stunning and held so much history from the tombs of kings and queens, to the coronation chair! Tuesday was an incredibly busy day as we took a 12-hour bus tour that took us to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath to see the Roman Baths. For the most part, we were lucky with decent weather…. Well except for when it hailed at Stonehenge. But, we prevailed through and managed to take lots of pictures throughout the day!


Wednesday we watched the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, and we were able to be right next to the gate. This process, while lengthy, was extremely interesting and I’m happy we got to be so close to the action! Also on Wednesday, we all went to see Wicked, after we made an impromptu decision to buy the tickets the night before. Although it was my second time seeing it, the production was just as amazing.

Thursday I stayed back and slept in, as my Aunts went on to see the Churchill War rooms (I had already promised my sister that I would go there with her). After getting ready for the day, I met with them to go see the matinee showing of The Phantom of the Opera. Yes, this was also my second time seeing Phantom since being here, but I could watch it a thousand times over and still not be sick of it! After the show, we decided to wait near the stage door, not expecting anyone to come out, as it was a matinee showing. BOY, WERE WE WRONG! I am so excited to say that I met the three leads of the show, as well as got pictures with two! Below are the photos of me with the actress who played Christine Daaé, the actor who plays the Phantom, and a picture of my program, which was signed by the leads. It was definitely one of the best days in London thus far, but not the best day, which I referred to earlier and will talk about later.

As my Aunt’s time in London started to round up on Friday, we made one last big touristy stop at the Tower of London. Although I had been here previously, when I last visited London, it was so cool to get an in depth audio guide of the tower. Also, I kept having really weird flashbacks from the last time I was there, and it was cool to compare the differences between the times I went, as well as experience the tower in a much colder, and rainier, season! Although I don’t have many pictures of the tower, and taking photos of the Crown Jewels is not allowed, let me tell you, they are just as spectacular as you imagine.

Saturday of this week was really bittersweet. Although I didn’t want my Aunts to have to go the following day, I was really excited because MY SISTER AND HER BOYFRIEND ARRIVED! Now, if anyone reading this has been around me for, say, the past 2 years, you’ll know that I literally never stop speculating about my sister’s boyfriend proposing to her… like ever. Of course, this trip to London was no different. From the moment they arrived I was on high alert. Unfortunately I was left disappointed… well at least for a while. Anyway, so on Saturday, my Aunts and I got to spend the day with my sister and her boyfriend. We ate out at Chinatown, and explored various museums and sights along the way, including the Florence Nightingale museum. After exploring Westminster and Big Ben at night, we all called it an early night as we were waking up for breakfast the next day. Unfortunately Sunday morning my Aunts had to leave. After breakfast and goodbyes, we went our separate ways, them to the airport, and Amelia, Jordan, and I headed to the Churchill War Rooms. This museum focuses on Winston Churchill’s decisions and work place during World War II. It was super interesting, and it’s definitely a place I would recommend to go to while in London. Monday I had to go back to classes, thank goodness I only had one! That evening I met with my sister and her boyfriend for dinner, and then we made our way to see The Book of Mormon. While the show is definitely not for those easily offended, I truly enjoyed it!

With Tuesday came more classes. I only had time to go out to dinner with Amelia and Jordan before they headed off to see Les Miserables. After dinner, I went to bed early, as Wednesday was the first day of my internship!

Now, I know that I haven’t spoken much about my internship, even though I’ve known my placement for a few weeks. I am working at Young Actors Theater in Islington, and it is essentially a company that provides acting/singing/dancing classes for children up to young adults. Some of their students are even partnered with a professional agency and attend auditions! I spend my time there split between office administration, and assisting with the classes. I wish I could better express in words how cute 30 children, with British accents, singing songs from Moana is, but it is honestly too precious for words. While I was at my internship Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Amelia and Jordan were in Oxford and Bath. This worked out well, as I was completely drained from my first week back after spring break! Then Friday, after my internship, we all got to meet up with Hannah and Ben for dinner. It was so lovely to catch up with them, and I know Amelia and Jordan really appreciated it, as it may be a while before they see them again. Sometimes, living an ocean apart from half of your family is quite the drawback.

Since I have now successfully described two weeks of my time, from spring break to this past weekend, it is finally time to talk about THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!

So, as aforementioned, I’ve been waiting for my sister to get engaged for a long time… like a really long time. Actually, it was kind of ridiculous. But that is all a moot point now, because on Saturday morning I awoke to a text from Jordan saying he wanted my help with asking my sister a very important question!! Essentially the rest of the morning I alternated between squealing with joy and sing shouting, “MY SISTER IS GETTING ENGAGED!” The only issue was is that Jordan and I had to convince Amelia to walk to Hyde Park. This wouldn’t have been a problem, if she hadn’t been so worried about not having enough time to walk all the way there and make it back to the tube so that they could get to the airport on time. But, I worked my magic and convinced her that we could eat brioche on the go instead of having a sit down breakfast. As the plan was set in motion, I could hardly contain my excitement. Unbeknownst to me, Jordan had asked my parents permission to ask Amelia to marry him, and he also mentioned that he wanted me to be involved. Luckily, my parents advised him not to tell me about it until the day of. That was pertinent to his planning, because if he had told me any earlier, I would have accidently given it away. To be honest, I was thoroughly impressed with my acting skills, as my sister didn’t know it was going to happen until he got down on one knee. The rouse was that I was going to be taking a normal picture of them in Hyde Park, and that he was going to propose instead. Everything went exactly according to plan, and at approximately 11:03 on March 11, 2017 Jordan asked my sister to marry him. AND SHE SAID YES!!! (Not that anyone was expecting anything different; after all they have been together for nearly six and a half years….) All the while, I was snapping pictures of their moment, and probably crying just as much as my sister. Jordan, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for involving me in your plans. I can’t even begin to explain how much that truly meant to me. I’ve always wanted a brother, and I couldn’t ask for a better one. Welcome to the Family!