Episode 16: A Fuller Family Trio Adventure

April 9, 2017

Well I was finally reunited with my parents (aka my best friends) last Thursday, March 30 after over 3 months apart…and what a reunion it was. We spent the week on a Spanish adventure and then made our way back to Galway, of course, so I could show my favorite people around my favorite city/temporary home for a few days before we once again parted ways yesterday morning. Inevitably, yesterday morning came far too soon. This trip has been in the making since the moment I decided to study abroad way back during freshman year, and the anticipation for it grew considerably with each week that passed without seeing my best friends once I was actually abroad. And yet, here we are, the long awaited and comprehensively planned out trip has passed by in the literal blink of an eye. If any of you have ever doubted the phrase “time flies when your having fun” then you really need to spend some time with my parents, let alone go on a European adventure with them, to prove it.

We managed to conquer 4 cities in 10 days, taking in all that each one had to offer (although it might be more accurate to say that the cities conquered us). With my mom channeling her inner ultimate-tourist (the Rick Steve’s Spain Travel Guide serving as an extra limb) and my Dad always making sure that we left plenty of time for fun in the true Fuller Family fashion, I don’t think Barcelona, Seville, Madrid or Galway will ever be quite the same. It is pretty safe to say that we left our mark on each city, and each city left its mark on us. Attempting to fit everything in in a short 24 hours made some days feel longer and more grueling than others, and of course it wouldn’t be a Fuller vacation without hitting a few bumps in the road. But those are always the things that end up making our trips most memorable (not to mention highly entertaining), and it was without a doubt a week to remember. Trying to chronicle our entire journey just wouldn’t do it justice, so I’m not even going to bother. All that needs to be said is the trip was well worth the wait, we had a blast exploring Spain and Galway successfully made my parents fall just as much in love with Ireland as I am. More importantly, being able to spend time with my two favorite people after so long made me happier than I can even express in words. They are a constant reminder that I don’t need to be in Ireland to feel the luck of the Irish; I am lucky enough just being their daughter.

But just in case you are more curious about our actual adventures than my sappy interpretation of it, please enjoy the pictures below, which accurately depict our shenanigans (its okay to be jealous that you weren’t tagging along).

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  1. Loved every fabulous minute of the “journey” with you! Enjoyed our very own “special” tour through Galway and the Aran islands! Can’t wait to to return to that special island of yours!! 😉 Love you!!

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