Life in Sogn

Now that I’ve settled into a school routine, found some friends, and been enjoying myself thoroughly, I thought I’d take some time to update this blog with some info about where I am staying. The program put us in a place called Sogn student village, and I definitely see why they thought this was the best placement for us. Sogn is a community filled with tons of students from all over the world, and quite a few native Norwegians too. We are organized in a flat setup, with 5-7 single dorms per floor, and a shared kitchen and bath. Some would be thrown off by this, but I consider anything better than 56 students per floor in old Witte at Madison.

Sogn actually was apparently used as the Olympic village for the 1952 Winter games in Oslo, but something tells me these buildings aren’t quite that old as our bathrooms even have heated floors. My floor is representative of the diversity in the community which I have come to enjoy so much; living here we have people from Germany, Tanzania, South Africa, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, and of course me as the American. As with the whole village, everyone gets along quite well!

Sogn is also equipped with our own little grocery store, and a student-run pub called Amatøren which has themed nights and is quite fun. Overall this community is fantastic, and being only a 5 minute Metro or Bus ride to campus, is really convenient. I have included a little photo tour below, to show what my walk up the hill to my beautiful home looks like. Hope you enjoy!

After getting off the T-Bane Metro and walking a few minutes through Ullevål Stadion, you will come to a bridge overpassing the highway, with a bike friendly lane on the left as this is Europe after all.

Walking up the main road to the village.

In the village now, but still having to hike up nearly half a kilometer of hills!

VIllage center, with the Rema grocer in the background. People from the local community come and use this store as well.

Another hill, but some beautiful scenery on all sides. These little SiO cars are mostly electric.

Arrived at my complex.

My building, the second balcony is my floor. Notice the tent drying on the top floor, everyone here is so active and it is wonderful.

Overlooking Oslo just to the right of our building.

The 4th floor, aka home! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the little photo tour, I will update again soon with my fall break trip!