From Wisconsin to Wales

In less than a month, I will be exposed to the country of Wales: a new place, a different culture, and a new lifestyle of independence and adventure. I will leave the land of cows, and arrive in the land of sheep! I’ve been planning this adventure for a year and a half, and I cannot believe it is about to really happen. It’s going to be hard to leave everything, especially my family and friends, but this opportunity will be remembered for a lifetime. I am extremely excited to participate in the culture of Wales, and continue my studies in English Literature at one of its birthplaces. Although I have travelled abroad before, this will be the first time I will travel alone, and live abroad for a long period of time.

Right now I am packing everything I need for a 6 month semester abroad. I tend to over pack, so it will be hard to determine what items make the list and what must be cut. Also, every day I make sure I have all the important paperwork I need. I am so worried that I will forget something! Travelling alone will be an interesting experience. Even the plane ride will be exciting because it marks the beginning of my journey! I am flying out of Chicago O’ Hare airport, connecting in Reykjavik, Iceland, and then landing in London- Heathrow airport. I’ve heard Heathrow is huge and confusing, so that will be “fun”. From there, I plan to take a train from the airport to Cardiff. Hopefully it all goes smoothly, but if it doesn’t, it will be a good learning experience and an adventure of its own.

I am ready to experience all of what Cardiff, Wales has to offer, and the rest of the UK and Europe later on in my journey!

Until my next post,