15 Hour Jet Lag

Twenty four hours and 6,159 miles later I am sitting on a bed in a hotel room questioning whether it is worth it to get up and shower or just fall asleep right here. It’s only 6PM in Japan but it feels like 3AM for me. Everything is numb from traveling for so long and despite only eating barely edible airplane food and gummy bears for the past day I am not hungry at all.

The company I am working with was unable to pick me up directly after my flight because I flew in late but it worked out great so I had some time to rest first. The hotel I am staying at for the night couldn’t be more perfect for a night of rest before beginning the next five months of my life on the opposite side of the world. They provided everything you could possibly desire for a night in a hotel after traveling and then more including a four step face wash kit, a personal back massager, bath robe and slippers. All of this has convinced me to take a bath so I can appreciate these amenities while I had them.

It hasn’t hit me yet that I am in a different country so far away from all my family and friends. All my mind can think is sleep. I have so much to do but no energy to do it in so I think my best plan is to relax. I just have to keep reminding myself that while being in a foreign country seems daunting, I will survive and enjoy it because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am thankful I safely arrived and am excited to see where the rest of the week leads once I am well rested.