Learning to dance

Last week in my class I introduced myself to a girl, asking her a question about how to access the homework. Throughout the class I pondered whether or not to invite her to the free dance lesson I was planning on going to with one of my roommates later that night. On the thin chance that she might want to go, I invited her and to my surprise she said yes! (which was good because my roommate had to cancel because she was too tired). I went back home and had dinner with my host family, thinking about what would be in store for me. I met my new friend at a metro station and we took a second metro to the club where the lesson was being taught. The event page had said it started at 10pm, but when we got there at 10:10pm it was empty. We were both wondering if the dancing was still going to happen and thankfully after 30 minutes other people started rolling in. Soon the place had a good number of people and we moved to the dance floor to start learning the basic steps of the bachata.

As the lesson went on we learned how to dance in pairs and how to turn. We were in lines and would switch partners every couple of minutes. This was an international event, so I met people from around the world (Greece, Italy, Palestine, China, and of course Spain)! There were also a lot of American ladies who only spoke English so many Spaniards were surprised when I could speak Spanish. Dancing came very easily to me so I found myself constantly being led around by various men, learning fancy moves and new steps. My friend also had a great time. After the lesson, the two instructors showed us how the professionals dance. They were incredible and very provocative! (I later told my host mother how sexual the dance was and she laughed saying that is the point of dance). The following week I brought a larger group with me to learn the Salsa. I absolutely love dancing and plan to return every Monday! If you every find yourself in Barcelona, go to the club Shoko on Monday nights to dance for free (followed by a typical club atmosphere starting at 1:30am which I have not partaken in because I have class in the morning and wanted to catch the metro before it stops running at midnight).