Sentosa, Sentosa, Sentosa

Before I delve into my wonderful weekend trip to Sentosa, I just want to share with you all some small nuances about Singapore that I’ve come to love.  I’m such an observant person, that I couldn’t help but notice that many places throughout Singapore whether it be the mall, dining hall, cafes or taxis, I’m hearing music from the 2000’s! Everywhere I go, I find myself grooving to the throwbacks. From 50cent, Beyonce, Outcast, Black eyed peas, JT, Coldplay, and the list goes on and on. I initially thought it was just me but as I conversed with other exchangers, they feel the same way too! It feels good to be back in 2005, music was truly poppin in the 2000’s.  I guess I was just taken back by how frequent I would hear music from the era as oppose to the current hits. So to Singapore, I say thank you! Another aspect of Singapore I’ve noticed is the mall culture. I know that may sound strange, but the amount malls here are quite insane. Singapore has such an efficient train system that you can essentially travel to any part via train. At major stops, you can find yourself at the entrance of a mall. I’ve been to Clementi Mall, Vivo City, Raffles Mall, Orchard etc. Majority of malls here are 5-7 floors high! I could not even fathom such a place in states! When my roommate Li Shan simply shrugged at my amazement at the mall culture here she said, “aren’t malls like this in the states?” I told her I have yet to see one!  If it’s not a mall, you will encounter a hawker centre. A hawker centre are indoor street food vendors. The variety of food is so extensive and most importantly it is cheap! I feel as though I’m only beginning to unravel just what Singapore is all about.

Let’s get back on track with the main topic which is Sentosa! Sentosa is an island resort on the southernmost edge of Singapore. There is a waterpark, Universal Studios, skydiving and it’s near a massive mall. What drew me to this place was none other their beaches. Along with an amazing group of exchangers, I decided to visit the beach. Sentosa is such tourist spot, but the beaches were probably the most cost friendly attraction there.  We traveled to Silso and Palawan Beach. While my friends splashed aimlessly in the water under the sun, I found myself attempting to build a sandcastle. It wasn’t the prettiest but it was definitely sturdy. We made our way across a rope bridge to the farthest side of the Sentosa to visit the most southern point of Continental Asia! It’s wild to think that Sentosa marked the closest point to the equator as well as most south place to visit in all of Asia!  It lived up to its stature, because the view of the island was just mesmerizing. I felt so at peace; all my stress and worries were put on hold and I just let go. I just remember smiling from ear to ear. The weather was perfect, the views amazing, and just great vibes. The suns setting was the highlight of the day. Such a beautiful sight. I laid down on a beach chair to watch the sun set over the island. It was truly a day of relaxation and self- care. I have plans to make multiple trip there. I experience such a level of peace while I was there that I can’t wait visit again.

Caption: Sunset at Silso Beach
This is a photo of the rope bridge to reach the southernmost part of Asia!