Stonehenge and Salisbury

Viewing the historical sites of Stonehenge and Salisbury was worth the two hour coach from Cardiff. Despite the cold and windy day, the sunshine (which is rare in Cardiff) made the trip even better. Although Stonehenge is a very touristy site, it is still worth seeing at least once. Visitors are not allowed to walk through the stones or touch them, but they can get about 10 meters close to them. Unfortunately, I thought I would be able to touch and walk through the stones, but it makes sense that they prohibit that because of how many people visit the site every day and how it could erode the stones. Despite the distance between the stones and myself, I still had the feeling that I was walking in an area that existed since 3000 B.C. Experiencing a historical site such as Stonehenge is my favorite part of traveling; walking through an area that many have lived their lives around it for thousands of years is breathtaking. Because of that, I felt a sense of humanity and appreciation for our history and the Earth itself. After Stonehenge, I walked with a few friends through the town of Salisbury. There we visited the cathedral that holds the real Magna Carta, and viewed centuries old buildings. Overall, the day was a great historical experience in England.