St. Mary’s Church, University Strikes, and Easter Recess

This past weekend my friends and I ventured to St. Fagans, a Welsh medieval town. Unfortunately, because of snow, the village was closed and we only saw the surrounding area of the village. However, because of the closure we stumbled upon a church, St. Mary’s church, which dates back to the 14th century! The latter part of the week I spent time with my friends since tomorrow starts Easter recess and my three week vacation across Ireland, Italy, England and Wales. I wish I could say that it will be a nice break from classes, but because of the strikes, I haven’t had class for the past three weeks. Although I am in support of my professors fighting for their pensions, I am disappointed because I only had about three weeks of classes in total since the semester started. Since then, I have been studying independently, but the lack of lectures made my education experience here a bit disappointing. After Easter recess, we will have one week of lectures, and then after that strikes will continue unless a solution is accepted. Anyway, on a lighter note, I will miss my coffee and tea shops, friends, parks, and nightlife in Cardiff during the next three weeks I am away. However, I am excited about my travels during the next three weeks and will post photos!

St. Mary’s Church:

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