A Break from the Craze and into the World of Art

I blinked once and March was here. I found myself buckled down and consumed by midterms. It really felt like it was never going to end. Assignment after assignment with deadlines fast approaching. Gotta love March Madness and I’m not talking basketball. NUS’s class structure is interesting to me. One of my classes I only have a midterm paper and the final. Now at first glance you may think that’s not too bad. Wrong. When the midterm paper is worth 40% of your grade and the class overall is curved, that is where the pressure lies. I’ve never taken a course where so much is dependent one assignment. My stress level was sky high. There were times when I felt discouraged and overwhelmed by the whole process. Nonetheless, I’ve made it through and I’m just relieved that it over.

I blinked twice and April is here. I’ve spent quite some time on self- care that last couple of weekends. Midterm season left me quite drained emotionally, so I made an effort to just focus on myself, which was probably one best decisions I made in a while. What I’ve come to enjoy while being here in Singapore are the museums. I made a list of all the museums I wanted to visit while I’m here: Asian civilization, National of Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Gallery, Artscience Museum, etc. I can finally cross all of them off my list!

This past weekend couple friends and I went to the ArtScience Museum of Singapore. I really anticipated this particular one because all over social media, I saw people posting of the exhibits bursting of color and life. Where Art Meet Science exhibit displayed creative ways in which elements of science can be manipulated to create such different art forms. There was room that displayed a wall of cascading waves from one end to another. It was so serene and calming. It even has littles couches and a laying area within the exhibit. Maybe that’s why I was so drawn to it. I dozed off for a while, I have to admit. The exhibit that I found myself reluctant to leave was the Arts from the Street. Most of the art was Inspired by 1970’s and 1980’s street art in New York City. One of the pieces said: Permanent on most Surfaces. It was such powerful message. The graffiti art throughout the exhibit conveyed so much emotion, some focused on political liberation, some told stories about life trials and tribulations =, while some displayed the pure beauty in which graffiti art can produce. There were several pieces that utilized wood as the main artistic mode. I was mind blown by the pure creativeness of the wood pieces. I can’t say I have favorite museum just yet, but the ArtScience Muesum is definitely a strong contender!

This piece is mostly constructed from wood. The two circles in her head piece is actually a regular sized rusty bicycle.
This piece is purely made of newspaper. The artist carved into the newspaper to create all the different shapes.

This Space Exhibit is from the Where Art Meets Science Gallery. While this exhibit catered mostly to children, the changing high balloon was quite cool to look at.
This is the Crystal Universe exhibit. It’s pathway through shimmering lights that cascade down. The lights change color frequently and there is epic music playing in the background as the lights change.