It’s the Final Countdown!

I couldn’t help but hum these tunes as I sat outside of the Education Center looking down at my table consumed with notes and papers as I prep for my last final of the semester!

With just a blink of an eye, I finally made it to the end of the finish line. I’m still trying to process that I only have four days left in Singapore.  Just four days left! My journey is coming to a beautiful ending, if I do say so myself. This semester I faced challenges whether it was school work (who am I kidding is was mostly school work), traveling, or just simply trying to find myself and become more comfortable in new spaces. The next two days I will be consumed with studying. In fact, the last two weeks I spent most of my days studying. Finding the balance between schoolwork and fun has been the ultimate challenge thus far this semester. I always found myself at odds with trying to find time to see the city, travel, and focus on my studies. By no means was it a cake walk, but I believe I was able manage and adjust quite well.

As the clock continues to tick, my to- do- list is still immensely long. I still need work on cleaning my room before I leave in 4 days, continue to check off my souvenir list- which I completely underestimated the length of- and go around the city one last time before I leave. I haven’t decided yet if want to take the bus through the city or bicycle around town. I just would like take in Singapore one last time. Since there is not much time left, every moment seems to matter. Just last night, I made an executive decision to take a study break to  meet up with my  friends, Elin, Shreya, Maltida, Alina, and Hilda one more time. As we sat around the table laughing, are voices booming through the Thai restaurant and reminiscing on just how amazing and stressful our semester has been.  So I don’t even mind that my next four days will be jammed back. Because I wouldn’t want it any other way!