From Wales to Wisconsin in One Week

Ever since I started my experience I abroad, I denied the inevitability of the dreaded goodbye and reflection post that most people who study abroad have to face and write (for my case).

I remember writing my first blog post in December about how excited I was to start my six month adventure in the UK by studying abroad in Cardiff, Wales. It is now June and I return home to Wisconsin in a week and a half. Wales just started to feel a bit like home and now I am leaving it soon. I cannot believe the time has gone by this fast. Looking back, I grew into a more mature, open-minded and independent individual. One of the most notable aspects of myself that changed was my previous inability to walk out of my comfort zone in trying new activities, ways of thinking, and meeting new people. My choice to study abroad was one of the best choices I have made because I will remember my experiences and the friends I made for a lifetime. This opportunity enabled me to embrace and participate in the culture I lived in instead of being the stereotypical ‘American tourist.’ When I return back to the US, I will definitely miss the ability to simply take a train to another country in the UK and Europe. I will miss the cultural diversity of all the friends I made. On a different note, I will actually miss the unexpected abundance of sheep here!  I hope to return to Wales, the UK, and Europe soon. I miss my family and friends from home immensely, and I am excited to start a new chapter in my life since I also graduated this semester. Because of studying abroad, my travel bug has grown and I will continue to find any opportunity to return to Europe and the UK and explore other places in the world.