Provençal dinner

On Saturday night, a bunch of us headed to Monoprix (the ubiquitous grocery store chain here), gathered up as much cheese, wine, and pasta as we could collectively hold, and headed back to a friend’s apartment to cook up a family dinner in true southern France style.

Our three-course menu included a cheese board of brie, chèvre (goat cheese), salami rolls, and baguette; a main course of cavatappi with peas, zucchini, and Provençale pasta sauce; and for dessert, a galette des rois with café ice cream. Oh, and of course, rosé.

Here are some photos from our first foray into French cuisine.

Gathering up our ingredients
The chopmaster
Provencale sauce…I know the brand, but I’ve never seen this variety anywhere but here!
Our beautiful cheese board
Most of the (very old) apartments in Aix don’t have ovens, so everyone has had to get creative with stovetop cooking ideas
Cheese board didn’t last long…no surprises there
Strike a pose, Maria
The whole gang
Our dessert was a Galette des Rois. There are two different types of galette, one traditional in Paris and one in southern France (ours, of course, is southern). This sweet brioche cake with a hidden figurine inside is part of a French holiday around Epiphany. As the tradition goes, when a group of people gather to share a galette, whoever finds the King figurine in their cake wears the crown and has to bring the galette for the next party.