Walking Around

This semester I have had a lot of free time to explore Galway! My favorite way to enjoy the city is to walk around without a plan and see what I find. Whenever I can, I take my time walking home from class and just wander around new areas. Since I have less class time and homework as I would at home, I have a large part of the day open. Sometimes I walk along the river other times through the busy shopping areas. Galway is very easy to navigate, and I never feel unsafe. I can walk anywhere and never feel lost.

NUI Galway is pretty compact. It’s a long campus with buildings stretched out very far. Nearly all of my classes are in one main building, but it is nice to walk by different buildings too. These pictures from campus are from a really nice sunny day.

The oldest building on campus. It is only used for administration now and promotional pictures for the school.
My daily trek to campus includes a nice walk twice over the River Corrib.

Another area on campus.

Some of my favorite walks so far have been out onto the main pier and down around to the Salthill Promenade. Walking gives me something to do and is a great way to see the city. Even if it is raining it’s still worth it to go out and see the city. I have gotten used to the damp, overcast weather that dominates the week. Once in a while we get some clearer skies and sunshine. These are the days to take advantage of! We had clear blue skies and mild temperatures recently, so every day was perfect to walk around.

I recently walked through the residential part of Galway which was super cute. It was cool to walk through the “suburbs,” basically the area where people actually live, and tourist don’t go too often. Whenever I can get a couple of blocks away from the main city center, I always feel more settled. It’s nice to see different parts of Galway, especially the more mundane (houses, grocery stores), as it reminds me that this city is not too different from home. Walking here makes me feel like a local!

These pictures are from the residential part of Galway as well as near the water. The beach is near the Salthill area.

Beach near Salthill. The Famine Ship Memorial is in the background. The three large rocks are memorials to the immigrants that left Ireland during the Famine to go to America.
Sunset and dusk at the River Corrib and docks.