Pack Like a Pro

I am fortunate to say that living in Korea this semester is not the first time that I have lived abroad. This means that I have pretty much boiled down what to pack to a science, and I’d like to share that knowledge with you.

Of course, the temperature of the place you are traveling to, their cultural norms, and your own personal preferences means that you will have to modify the list to fit your needs, but this is what has worked for me. By rolling my clothes and packing efficiently, I can fit everything on this list into one large suitcase, one carry on, and a backpack.

If you are short on space: bring travel sized toiletries and buy normal sized ones once you’re there, order your bed sheets online to be delivered once you arrive, and shop for a few new pieces of clothing once you are actually there and can observe what people wear in the country (Oh darn! Right?). Also, if you forget something, don’t sweat. You can usually buy it there. Your passport, plane ticket, and visa are the important things.