St Patrick’s Day in Dublin and a trip to Vienna

One of the first things I heard when I can to Dublin was that St. Patrick’s Day would be different than I expected it to be. It was a bit unsettling to hear that the celebration in Dublin is small compared to celebrations like those of NYC, Boston and Chicago, but while that is true the celebration itself is something to witness.

Overall the parade on St. Patrick’s Day was fairly straightforward. Bands, floats, and people walking around in costumes, but one thing that stood out about the parade in Dublin is that different counties from around Dublin had the chance to take part and it was cool to see what each county chose to portray.

Dublin itself was absolutely crazy the whole weekend of St. Patrick’s Day. Everywhere you turned there were tourists and decorations for the festivities. If I’m being completely honest I enjoy it when it’s a little less crowded.

The weekend before St. Patrick’s Day I travelled to Vienna, Austria and got to see all the beautiful architecture it offers. My favorite place o visited in Austria was Belvedere Palace. Unfortunately I was not very lucky weather wise the day I visited but that didn’t stop me from walking around and enjoying the expansive gardens the palace has to offer. I also tried schnitzel for the first time and was blown away.

Three weeks from today my program will be over and I will be leaving Dublin for the last time this trip. Luckily I will be in Europe for another three weeks traveling with my mom, but it is crazy to think that three and a half months have flown by so quickly, in all the craziness of final papers, exams, and excursions I am trying to enjoy each day before my trip is over.


A few photos from St. Patrick’s Day: my roommate Rachel and I at the parade and then Rachel again with myself and our friends Molly and Kristi-Ann in the Temple Bar district. From Vienna there is a picture of the gardens at the Belvedere Palace Gardens and then a selfie with the Palace behind me.