Life in London

For my program in Rome we receive three five-day breaks and for our first one we went to London! Elli, my roommate, and I have several friends from Wisconsin studying there, which made the experience even better. Elli and I did a lot of excursions on our own while our friends were in class, my favorite being Camden Market. Everything from records, cute sayings, clothing to delicious food could be found inside the indoor market.

I am here to set the record straight. The food in London was on the next level. To be fair, I am coming from Rome where there is only pizza and pasta as far as the eye could see, but the different types of food in London were amazing. Everything from Indian food to fish and chips, London had it all. In Camden Market I found a small fish and chip stand with only one man working it. He made all of the food fresh in front of us and it was my favorite meal I had there. Since being abroad I have realized that food is much more about the taste. Listening to his story about how hard he worked to get the stand and how happy he is cooking everyday made me appreciate the food more.

I also went to Tate Modern and the British Museum. Both are free and offer the perfect mix of modern and historical art. Walking around I also passed by Covent Gardens, Kensington Palace and Westminster Abbey. The Primrose Hill area was also gorgeous. One of the things I liked most about London was how convenient the transportation was. The streets were very clean and everyone was extremely friendly. The highlight of the entire weekend was definitely getting high tea with an old friend from home. Not only was the tea amazing, but we also got delicious finger food. There was a flowerpot at the top that both of us thought was only for decoration until I finally tried some of the dirt and realized it was a cake!