Vineyard Tour in Provence

Although I’ve spent most of my time on this blog talking about the significance of bread in France, there is in fact one thing that is maybe even more important to the French: their wine. Especially in Provence, which is rosé central.

So some of my pals and I decided to pop on over to one of many vineyards in the area for a day of wine tastings and more information about grapes than I knew existed.

Although our adventure started out with a bit of Google maps mishap (read: we got lost in the French countryside for a good hour), we finally made it to Chateau Paradis where our lovely tour guide showed us the grounds, the wine cellar, and then chatted with us as we tasted 6 wines: two whites, two rosés, and two reds. After tasting all the options, we decided to buy one of the rosés and enjoy it on the patio with a view of the vineyard. C’etait magnifique. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Getting lost in the French countryside while searching for the vignoble
Golden hour
Great group of pals to enjoy the day with!
Do we really have to leave?