The Final Weeks: Game of Thrones Tour and Preparing to say Goodbye

A wonderful aspect of being in Europe is that many awesome Movies and TV shows were filmed or have studio tours in their city. The last weekend in March I joined other abroad students in different programs throughout Ireland on a Game of Thrones tour to Northern Ireland to explore filming locations from Seasons 1 & 2. Every moment of the tour was amazing, the company we went with hires extras from the show to be the guides and we had an awesome and hilarious guide, Lar, who gave us some cool insight from filming. If you are ever in Ireland to study abroad or travel I would highly suggest the tour, not only is it cool to see the locations and how they were used, many of the areas that we visited were absolutely stunning and had a lot of history wrapped up in them. Some highlights of the day were getting to wear cloaks, I had the color scheme of Jon Snow which made my day, getting to meet Odin and Thor who played Direwolves, Summer and Grey Wolf on GoT, and listening to Lar’s stories about filming not only on GoT, but also Vikings. If I had the chance to do another tour with the company I would because it was a better day than I could’ve dreamed of. The icing on the cake was watching the first two episode of Season 1 on the bus ride home. This is the second to last tour I am doing here in Ireland since I leave in exactly a week and it was a wonderful experience to have before leaving the Emerald Isle, and it was exciting since the new season comes out in a little less than two weeks!

Today is Friday April 5th which means that next Friday I will be on a plane leaving Dublin for the last time on my adventure abroad. My time in Europe does not come to an end for another month as I am traveling with my mom and will update as I go, but I can’t believe I have to say goodbye to my new home here in Ireland. The coming week is filled with exams, packing and saying goodbye not only to Ireland, but also to my undergrad career. In a little less than a week, three finals to be exact I’ll be done with undergrad and the next things on my calendar for education is graduation in May. It is a bittersweet feeling, I am so excited to see my mom and to travel, but it also means I have to say goodbye to all of my new friends. Being here in Dublin feels so natural and there is lots I am going to miss, but what that says to me is that I have had a full and amazing experience here because there is so much I am not ready to let go of. In the crazy stress of packing, studying and getting last experiences in I am trying to remind myself to enjoy the little moments and take pictures as much as possible. The time has flown and while I am excited to see Europe and then make my way home to family and friends, I know a small piece of me will always be ready to return to Ireland.

Some pictures:

We stopped for lunch at The Cuan on our tour day and were lucky enough to see one of the doors that were created from trees that fell down at The Dark Hedges, another filming location I saw earlier this semester. The door we saw is called Episode One and focuses on the opening song of Game of Thrones and the map the title sequence animates.