A Moment of Reflection

Being a Latina in the United States already poses various challenges. To have an opportunity such as this one is something we cannot take for granted. Growing up, we have countless expectations and pressures set upon us regarding what we should do, how we should dress, and how we should act. Global Gateway has not only given us the opportunity to see how another culture and various religions place similar expectations on their women — allowing us to see that we are not alone — but it has also given us the chance to show that we can achieve more than what is already expected of us.

Today marks the ninth day since we landed in India, and yet we have seen and experienced so much. We have seen countless temples and shrines, indulged in many Indian cuisines, have visited New Delhi, Old Delhi, Amritsar, and now Bhimtal.  And we have also observed how all of this diversity in India co-exists. Many members of this program have not had an opportunity like this before, nor have most of the people that share a background similar to ours. Even though we are not even halfway through our trip we have gained a lot of insights to bring back to campus and our community. Overall, this trip has been incredible. It has been eye-opening in many regards. This trip is not only for us, but also for our families and community. This is a beautiful, growing experience that I wish everyone could have the opportunity to be a part of.

By Vic Soto and Samantha Bonilla