Kanye Village Homestay

During our third weekend in Botswana, we were fortunate enough to stay in the village of Kanye which is about an hour and a half away from Gaborone. Kanye has 45,000 people within the village, most of whom are without running water within their homes due to a shortage lasting the past few years.

I stayed with a lovely family in the heart of Kanye. I had a mom named Mokoloi, older brother named Thato, and 2 adorable nephews named Leo and Bobby living with me in the cozy home. After an exciting first day of introductions, I went shopping with my mom around the village and helped cook a supper. On Saturday, the whole group visited a cultural village and did traditional activities such as making phaphatas (a thick bread made over the fire), learned about basket weaving, and even spread cow manure on the walls of the hut to help protect the structure. Afterwards, we attended a wedding. We learned that in villages, it is very common for many people to attend the wedding even if they aren’t invited because invitations only go out to family members far away. As we went to the wedding, we were happily invited into the very front of the service and welcomed with open arms.

Our final day of the village homestay was spent with our families. Some members attend local church services, but I was lucky enough to get to hang out with my nephews for the weekend and see the village from the highest point. My nephews and I had a great time playing football (soccer), volleyball, coloring pictures, and enjoying snapchat filters.

I am so grateful for this wonderful experience!

Beatrice Mumm