Gaborone Dam

Oh Gaborone Dam! We have less than a week left!

This trip has been filled with excursions to explore the different aspects of Botswana’s culture and other public systems. Today I will be talking about our trip to Gaborone Dam where we learned about the water situation in Botswana and the challenges that are faced. Botswana is a very dry region and experiences many periods of dry spells. This, paired with the challenge of the flat land, create problems with water shortages. However, The Gaborone Dam helps to combat these challenges. This 15 sq km dam was built in 1969 and is still the main source of water for Gaborone.

To get to the Gaborone Dam, you must first climb the huge staircase to the top. This seemed to be a challenge for some and left most of us breathless. When we got to the top, we were just as breath-taken by the view. It overlooks Gaborone on one side, while overlooking the water on the other. It was picturesque and prompted many photoshoots. If you couldn’t tell, the sun was very bright.

This trip has been flying by and I can’t wait for what is yet to come. Thank you for this awesome opportunity!

Athena Hiemstra