Kgale Hill

Upon receiving the itinerary for this program, the first thing I look at is what time days start. Lots of 8:30AM starts… cool. Then a day starting at a different time caught my eye… 5AM??? No way I was waking up at that time to do anything.

Well, I ended up waking up at that time, and it was one of the best decisions I made. We went on an early morning hike up Kgale Hill, the tallest hill in Gaborone, to watch the sunrise. I was a little nervous at how long the hike was going to be, and being so early, that I wouldn’t have the energy to fully enjoy it. The climb was interesting, using our phones flashlights we were able to see where we were going in the darkness. But it felt like forever, and as soon as I started to feel a little tired, we reached the top.

In a word, Breathtaking. To be able to see the city of Gaborone from above from night to sunrise to morning was an experience I’ll forever remember from being in Botswana. It was beautiful and made me appreciate the city so much more. It was at that moment that I realized that I would soon have to depart, and at that moment, was a hard pill to swallow. Overall, the experience was not only rewarding but made me appreciate my time in the country that much more.

Israel Oby