Trip to see the Himalayas

By Jordon Ross

Global Gateway India

My journey to the Himalayas was a relatively short bus ride compared to the long 6-hour train rides that we have ridden before. The bus ride was roughly 2 hours of riding through the mountains. We were going through winding and twisting roads, there were moments when the roads were only big enough for one car to drive past other cars. In the end, the road trip was definitely worth it! The vastness and openness of the hills near the Himalayas is breathtaking. Going from Delhi, which is a highly populated area, to the Himalayas was a major change of pace. The whole area of Mukteshvar was an area of calm demeanor, with hills and mountains as the scenery.

While we were looking at the Himalayas, we were at around 7,500 feet above sea level, which seemed to me, in the moment, to be really high up. Then I looked out towards the Himalayas and realized that where I was standing was just a small hill in the broad sense of the Himalayas’ overall elevation. There was a sign where we were looking at the mountains, and it highlighted that there are peaks of the Himalayas that are three times higher in elevation than where we were standing.