Blogging from the Library of Congress

I’ve been in Washington D.C. for almost two weeks now, and am really enjoying the city and the Wisconsin in Washington program. Classes have started, but my internship has not, so I have had plenty of free time to relax, meander, and explore the Capitol Hill neighborhood where I live, along with other parts of D.C. too. The apartment building that all 19 Wisconsin in Washington students live in is located almost next to the Supreme Court, and just a couple of steps from the Library of Congress– where I am writing this blog post from! It is a beautiful building and it feels a bit surreal to be inside such a historic and ornate place, typing away on my laptop. I would love to take a picture of the Main Reading Room where I’m currently sitting, but unfortunately taking pictures is prohibited. Feel free to scroll to the bottom of my post to view some Google Image photos of the Library of Congress – Jefferson Building.

Before arriving in D.C. on August 24th, I had been to the district twice before when I was younger. As a kid, I remember being really impressed and ‘wowed’ by all the big white buildings, not fully comprehending their purposes. From these memories, I knew going into the Wisconsin in Washington Program that I would probably quickly take a liking to the area, and well, I truly have. The Capitol Hill neighborhood is full of beautifully preserved and colorful row houses, and the sidewalks are red cobblestone, making for some very picturesque walks and outings.

One of my favorite things about D.C. is that there are so many unique areas. I love the Capitol Hill neighborhood where I live because of the residential, quiet, and calm feeling that reminds me of where I grew up in Madison. I love that I can take a quick walk to Union Station and hop on the subway and be in the middle of D.C.’s busy and more metropolitan downtown area in less than 20 minutes. Something I haven’t explored yet but want to during my time here are the many diverse neighborhoods. Hopefully, as I delve further into my four months here I will get to know at least a few more areas, and will be able to blog a bit about each of them!

The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

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