Firsts Part 1

The first day has finally happened. I was surprisingly calm for the plane ride. Usually I get really nervous when I fly. I flew into Gatwick Airport which is about an hour outside of London. Luckily I had someone in the UK who was nice enough to come pick me up. That was a huge help. Gatwick is pretty far so I have no idea how I would have been able figure out how to get to Harrow. The drive was really nice from the airport. We stopped to get lunch on the way which was amazing. It was a small place that was just off the road early on in the trip and I cannot even remember the name of it. Once we got close to Harrow, we found an IKEA. I needed sheets and some kitchen stuff. In the Harrow Halls in the University of Westminster I share a flat with six other people which just means that we have one kitchen and each of us have our own dorm room. It is a very nice and clean room and has a bunch of closet space and a desk and its own bathroom. The campus is absolutely beautiful and there is a train station right next to the halls.

Once I had settled in a bit, it was already late. I had told a friend who went to the same university as me in America that I would meet her in town because she was on a completely different campus but I made my way over to her halls. Well, I got lost. I did not have wifi so my phone did not work and I could figure out where her dorms where. The campus kind of confused me so I wondered around the campus until I found a restaurant that had free wifi and stood outside their restaurant until I could contact her. Honestly, it was a bit scary to not have any way to find people. It was my first time in London of being completely on my own. No phone. No one else. Until I found free wifi. Luckily I had a friend from the UK that I called to help me out. Always ask for help.

The first event that the halls put on was a barbecue on the Sunday. I found some cool people pretty quickly into arriving. Literally on the line for food. They were American and happened to live in the flat next to me so it is nice to have friends around me in the mornings. It was a beautiful evening and it felt great to start the year like this. Every single person was really friendly and it was really easy to go up to people to introduce myself. I am someone who has a hard time making friends since I am a huge introvert. I have a hard time going up to people with confidence. Just do it though. Everyone is in the same position of trying to make friends so you just need to do it.

This whole experience is just about being open. Open to new ideas and people. Being lost and figuring out your way. It is going to be scary but it is going to be amazing.