Education through DIS

During my time abroad, many friends and family ask about how the school and classes are set up. Studying with a group of people who all come from different universities is apparent when you are able to interact with them during class. At DIS, we have a fairly small class size. Small is relative since Wisconsin has large introduction classes that can have hundreds of students in one lecture hall. DIS classes have around 20-25 students in a class. Students participating in class was easy to adjust to, but I could tell many students were wary when they started. When professors would turn to the class there was usually a pause and stare before someone raised their hand. Since everyone is coming from a different educational background, we all have something to contribute.

At DIS, September 9- 13 is core course week. This is a week that you are travelling with the class to western Denmark or surrounding nations to go to lectures and engage in cultural excursions within the location you visit. My class travelled western Denmark. There were multiple lectures we attended as a class from professionals in their field or at their private practices since my course is on European Clinical Psychology. One visit was a lecture from a man who had struggled with schizophrenia for most of his life and he was honest and detailed in his experiences and hearing his first hand experience enhanced everyone’s understanding of schizophrenia and serious diagnoses.

The classes also incorporate field studies. Every class besides the core course incorporates two field studies throughout the semester that takes up half of a day. The field studies are an interactive way for us to learn. A friend in my LLC had a field study for their garden art class and they went to gardens all around Copenhagen to see examples of  the types of gardens they had seen in their textbook. Another friend has a field study for their anthropology of food class and they went to the Glass Market which is a food market in the heart of Copehnhagen and got to see the different local cuisines as well as interview the owners.

Overall, DIS tries to provide an interactive and engaging experience with all of the classes. This aspect of the classes is great to have since I’m only going to be abroad and able to travel within Copenhagen for so long. Field studies are great to have because weather or not you took a class for fun, personal interests, or to fill a requirement, I feel like the professor is more engaged since they have to plan an entire itinerary for half of a day.