Scan Design Viking Ship Excursion

In the past couple weeks I was able to go to my first event for the Scan Design scholarship program. This is a scholarship I applied to back in spring. While I was still in Madison, the directors provided us with a few events to meet other students who received the same scholarship and meet danish students who were attending Madison. This semester, they also provide events for people who received the scholarship in Copenhagen. They have had a few events before the viking ship excursion, but unfortunately my DIS class schedule interfered. When I was able to attend, interacting with other Wisconsin students was comforting. Also we were able to talk about our experiences within our respective universities in Copenhagen. Some are in the University of Copenhagen and discussed how their classes are structured and how their program has differed from DIS.

Culturally, Denmark likes to embrace their viking heritage and incorporates lots of viking themes in advertisements and souvenirs. This full day experience started with students meeting in the city and driving to Roskilde. During our drive, our director told us about Denmark’s viking history as well as his own experience. Once we arrived we were able to spend about three and a half hours on an authentic viking ship. We had lunch on the ship and then after we went through the museum where we learned about how the viking ship was made. Seeing the design aspects of the vkiking ship was interesting after being on the viking ship since we all were surprised at how fast we were able to sail. The director went into detail about how the slabs of wood are obtained and how they are strategically placed in order to maximize efficiency.