A Show in London

One of the things that I wanted to in London was go see a show. I want to see multiple but my friend randomly asked me to go with them the day before the show. We got last minute tickets and saw Waitress! We went to the theater district and you could feel the energy of everyone in the crowd waiting to go inside.

When we went into the theater, it smelled like baked cookies. They were selling little cupcakes and ice creams in the lobby. Once we got to our seats, the stage looked like a diner and the curtains had cranberry pie all over it. There were pie displays everywhere.

The show is about a waitress at a diner who gets pregnant but is with an abusive husband. I definitely didn’t think that would be what the musical was about. I went in blind with the plot but I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing the show was. The main character had an incredible voice that had amazing tone and hit notes I could not even imagine. Her acting also was so believable. I cried at her big solo called ‘She Used to be Mine’. I felt that solo so much because she didn’t overplay it and she really knew how to be subtle. She saved her power until the time was right.

It was a coincidence that it was the 300th show. So the main character decided to sing her big number as an encore. We were allowed to record the performance which was really nice because it was like a souvenir. Another interesting souvenir that they had was a recipe book that had all the recipes that were mentioned in the show. I wish I would have bought it because it would have been an amazing souvenir.

I definitely recommend seeing any show in London because there really is nothing like live theater. The music is amazing and the acting was incredible. Any one can go and have an amazing night.