Q&A, Coming Up

14th, November

I thought it might be nice to do something a little more interactive and want to give Q&A a try.

I will collect questions over the next week and post the responses here in my next entry.

In the event there are readers about whom I do not know, and whom do not have my personal contact information, please feel free to leave questions here in the comment section or email me: ckunkel@wisc.edu

Ask anything you wish to know. I’m not shy and your question will be kept confidential.



2 thoughts on “Q&A, Coming Up”

  1. Well, first of all, how did you do on your Stats test? My heart, and head, hurt for you. During my grad program I, too, had to endure stats and as much as I wanted to understand it and love it the feeling was never mutual. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning my Professor and I would sit down, coffee in hands, and go over the lessons, quizzes, exams, labs, etc. to somehow get it trapped in my brain. Didn’t happen. I tried so hard at this class I think the Professor felt sorry for me and gave me a B-. For those who do not understand grad school grades, this is like a D-. I was devastated, but relieved stats was complete and I could move on. Move on I did, to another degree that did not require a thesis, but an exploratory paper instead. Phew! You can do this Craig! As of now, YOUTUBE has become a math savior for my children and I as I attempt to help them with their common core bs math. This can be a savior for you as well. Type in the exact question and up pops a plethora of videos to teach you how to do it. My question is; describe the typical grocery store in Uppsala. What kind of store does it resemble here in the US?

  2. How about some information on Swedish holidays and how they are celebrated, the cuisine, over-all personality type of the Swedes, their recreational perferences, modes of transportation, housing, etc.

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