Application Shenanigans

This past weekend, I got an email from Mahidol University confirming my acceptance into their International College! It has been quite the journey to get this point. I originally applied to the University of Hong Kong, but the violent protests there forced UW to cancel every program in Hong Kong.

Since it was early October when the protests turned particularly intense, many programs’ deadline had already passed, but my study abroad advisor sent me a list of programs that were still accepting applications and IAP even extended the deadline for a few programs. I was very thankful that they were able to do this because it seriously increased my options for alternate programs. I thought Mahidol University would be an interesting experience, and I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand, so I applied to this program. Technically, Mahidol’s deadline had already passed, so I only had about a week to submit a new application. In addition, Mahidol required 2 letters of recommendation that my earlier program didn’t require. This new component meant I had to find 2 professors or TAs who would be willing to write and submit a letter of recommendation in under a week. Knowing that 1 week is kind of short notice, I reached out to 3 different professors and TAs. It was very heartwarming that everyone I contacted was very understanding and I ended up with not 2 but 3 letters of recommendation. After submitting my application, I had to wait a few weeks for confirmation that I had been accepted, and I was ecstatic when that email arrived!

It has been a wild process to get to this point, but everyone at IAP has been beyond helpful and accommodation given the unique situation I found myself in. I’m very excited to leave for Thailand next month. I can’t wait to try some interesting food, explore Bangkok, and meet new people. So far, I haven’t felt particularly nervous, but I’m sure that’ll change as I get closer to leaving, and it hits me that I’m going to the other side of the planet!

Next post will be from Thailand!