International Trips Part 2: Nice and Monte Carlo

Once classes were finished, my friends and I decided to do one last trip together before they all go back to America and I go to Wales for Christmas. We looked at prices and saw that flying to Nice, France was only 10 pounds to fly there and 10 pounds to fly back. We got a nice airbnb in Old Nice. I shared a beautiful apartment with my three friends and it was in the middle of the beautiful town of Old Nice with all the old architecture. It was a breathtaking area. The first two days, we did so much exploring of Nice. It was absolutely beautiful everyday. The beach was amazing to just sit by and experience the waves crashing down. We spent hours relaxing by the ocean. We didn’t do a lot of walking on the beach because of its rocks but the broad walk next to it was perfect.

TIP: Prepare yourself for the landing into Nice. It is a bumpy one. Thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown during the landing.

There is a wonderful hike to do on the west part of Nice near Old Nice. You walk up many stairs to get to the top of this mountain/big rock. There is a beautiful waterfall at the top that is a completely wonderful experience. It was one of my favorite moments of all of Nice. Looking over the whole city was a great moment to reflect and see everything. Makes the whole experience so memorable.

One day of the week we decided to go to Monte Carlo for the day. We took a train that only took 20 minutes before getting to Monte Carlo. I wanted to go because of the movie Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez. It was really cool to live my childhood dream of being Selena Gomez. It was definitely a rich area with many stores but it was really pretty. One thing that made me really happy to go to Monte Carlo was the sky. The sky has so many beautiful colors and changes into an ombre blend of beauty. Some of my favorite photos I took were just of the sky. Make sure you watch the sunset at one point.

I have on a couple international trips before and I have some plans for the future but this trip was just full of wonderful sites and moments that I will not forget. It became a highlight of my whole study abroad experience. I wish I could go back again in the future and sit on the beach at night again and remember the magic from when I was 21.