Swiss Bliss

This past weekend I traveled with my friends to Interlaken, Switzerland. While the trip started with a tiring 8-hour overnight bus ride, it turned out to be one of the coolest weekends of my life. This is a very different trip than many others because Interlaken is not necessarily a place where you site see. Instead you spend your weekend doing amazing activities that all include a picture-perfect background of the mountains.

We arrived in Interlaken at 4:00 am Friday morning so we went straight to sleep in our hotel room. At around 9:00 am we woke up and saw the view from our room was exactly what I pictured of Switzerland: mountains and a cute wooden building with green shutters. I was instantly cured of my exhaustion and couldn’t wait to start the day.

After breakfast at our hotel we couldn’t decide what to do since we hadn’t pre-planned any activities for the day. We ended up running across the street and getting tickets that would take us all the way up to Mount Schilthorn. Schilthorn is a summit in the Swiss alps that is well-known for being the film location for the 1969 James Bond 007 film, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”

To get to the top of Schilthorn we had to take 1 train, 1 bus and 3 rail cars. The journey to the top was an activity itself filled with insane views on the rail cars. At the second to last stop to the summit we stopped to do a “thrill walk” on the side of the mountain. Even though I am afraid of heights the views here were something I have never seen in my life and it was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

After the thrill walk we ate lunch at the very top of the mountain at the revolving restaurant, which again had amazing views. On the way down from the mountain we passed through a small ski town called Murren which was the quaintest town I have ever seen. After some much-needed rest we ended the day with a cheese fondue dinner and chocolate fondue for dessert.

The next day we went kayaking early in the morning on Lake Brienz. This was the bluest and clearest lake I have ever seen and was my favorite part of the whole weekend. We kayaked past cliffs and a waterfall and stopped midway at a medieval castle for tea. Our guide was amazing and used a camera to take pictures the whole time so we were able to leave our phones on shore. This made the experience even better as we were able to be present and just enjoy everything around us instead of trying to take a million pictures of the view.

After kayaking we spent the rest of the day exploring the town and taking a walk to the lake. This included stopping at multiple chocolate shops and having amazing chocolate covered strawberries that I will dream about forever. The day ended with an authentic Switzerland dinner at a pub by our hotel.

On Sunday, I was ready to come back to Florence but knew that I would never forget our weekend in Interlaken. Although I have only traveled one other place so far, Switzerland will be a tough trip to beat because of the fun activities we were able to do. After a tiring weekend, I am so excited to spend some time in Italy and travel more in the weeks to come.