International Trips Part 3: Marbella, Spain and UK Territory

One of my favorite places to visit is Marbella. It is a small town in the South of Spain. I had to fly into Malaga and then drive 45 minutes to get there. My friend has an apartment there that was really easy to get to. It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The weather was really warm even though it was late January. My friend and I spent many days walking around and exploring the harbor. There were many little restaurants, ice cream parlors and luxury stores on the boardwalk. It was lovely to just walk around and find the coolest food vendors.

The best thing that I was able to do was go to Gibraltar. It is a small UK territory at the southern portion of Spain. We had to park outside the border and walk through. The passport control was very chill. We just had to walk through an office and flash our passports. Some they would look harder but it was super quick. Once we were out of the passport control office, we looked for tours. Usually there is a cable car to take us to the top of the Gibraltar rock but it was out of service for maintenance. So we took a tour which had four stops: the Africa lookout, the caves, the monkeys and the military tunnels.

The Africa lookout was just a very pretty and we were able to see Morocco from the lookout. We were very high up so it was really cool to be able to see Africa for the first time. The caves were next and those were gorgeous. We were able to explore these natural caves that were a hue of lavender. It looked like huge icicles coming out of the ceiling. Sometimes they had concerts for the military and I can only imagine how insanely cool that experience would be. The next stop was the monkeys (my favorite part). These are wild monkeys and you are able to get very close to them. TIP: DO NOT TRY TO ANGER THEM, THEY WILL BITE. When I had my chance to go up to the monkeys, I was definitely nervous. I did not want to get bitten because we would have to go to the hospital. We took some pictures of the monkeys and it was very calm, but then some tourists decided to bring food to them which makes them go crazy. You are not supposed to feed them human food. So, one of the baby monkeys grabbed my sweater a bit which made me a bit scared because I did not want the momma monkey to be concerned and bite me. It turned out fine but I did get nervous. The last portion was the military tunnels which were cool to walk through because we got to see where the cannons were placed to fire at enemies. All in all, Gibraltar was a dream. Absolutely amazing. I recommend it very much.