Continuing along despite the virus

There is a mild international panic that’s swept the world because of this sickness. People are joking about it, people are bringing hand sanitizer with themselves everywhere they go, and there are people who’re worried about being pulled from the program. However, we at CIEE have concluded that we are safe in Paris. We have great healthcare here and we at our age and health are in very littler danger even if we become infected, but everyone is taking precautions, even the French government in closing buildings or events that house more than 5,000 people.

The week
This past week Megan and I enjoyed another pastry from Ble Sucre (a beautiful buttery and warm pain au chocolat). We also went out to a café and enjoyed a warm drink with friends then went off to the cemetery Pere Lachaise. We also hopped on the bandwagon and went off under the cover of the pink umbrellas in the village royale and took a few photos. The next day, we went for a run to try and work off some of the pastry weight again and to top off the day, we got to cross off a big-ticket item on my bucket list; the Arc de Triumph. On Thursday, we ventured to one of our favorite boulangeries (Tony Bosson’s) and enjoyed my favorite pastry (brioche Suisse). Thursday evening, we went to the Galleries Lafayette and meandered amongst some of the most beautiful clothes I’ve seen in a cylinder-shaped building that was decorated beautifully and ornately with gold. On Friday, we went to a pretty street near the cemetery Pere Lachaise and took a few photos, then I went to class and took a midterm on 30 pieces of 1800’s artwork. That evening, Megan and I went out for the first time for a late evening and enjoyed some time with friends at a piano bar near Notre Dame. After that, we happened upon a gelato shop that made the gelato in the shape of a rose on the cone, a place we had also gone to in Strasbourg. On Saturday, Megan and I gathered up some goodies (brie, bread, jam, and crackers) and went off to enjoy a picnic in the parc Buttes-Cheaumont. Then in the evening, we went to our first movie in France and were pleasantly surprised to find that it was in English with French subtitles. We took a calculated risk in that it could have been in French, but we knew it was a horror film and it would have been fine either way. On Sunday, we went back to Tony B’s (a nickname we made for Anthony Bosson’s) and enjoyed a beautiful French breakfast of a pastry and an orange juice and coffee. It’s been a wonderful week.

Pink Umbrellas
Park in the 20th district
Galleries Lafayette
The pretty street we found by the cemetery