Thailand: Lucas Stefanski

Photo of Lucas Stefanski
Lucas spending his day hiking the Pai Canyon in Northern Thailand.

Program: Thammasat University Exchange, Fall

Lucas’s Major: Computer Science

Academic Life: The classroom setting was very different from UW-Madison. The classes usually consisted of 20-30 people, and were much more laid back and slower paced. In my experience, the classes consisted of about 90% local students and 10% international students.

Most Memorable Moments: My most memorable experience was taking a trip to Chiang Mai and Pai where I spent two days cruising through mountains and jungles and meeting new people. It was a huge step out of my comfort zone, but I discovered my passion for traveling, meeting new people, and seeing new things. I am naturally a very introverted person, so I never would have imagined how much I could love these things.

Advice for Someone Considering Thailand: Thailand is an amazing country with a ton to offer. Its scenery, mountains, beaches, low cost of living, and friendly people should be enough to make you want to go. Also, it’s a great home base for traveling to other countries around Asia.

Tips for Future Students: Don’t be afraid to take a giant leap of faith and try something you never would have imagined doing before. The advantage to being abroad is that you can completely reinvent yourself, and no one will even bat an eye. Also, when in doubt, smile.

“This experience changed my perspective on many things in life and made me realize how I want to spend my life after college.”

“I now feel confident enough to travel the world.”