United States: Michael Warren

Photo of Michael Warren
Michael at a Tammy Baldwin fundraiser in Washington DC.

Program: Wisconsin in Washington, Spring

Michael’s Majors: Economics (Math Emphasis) and Journalism

Academic Life: I took 12 credits while on this program and received upper-level credit for history, sociology, and political science, which completed the breadth requirement for my journalism degree. We got to select one course depending on whether we wanted an international or domestic focus. The domestic course was called “Presidential Campaigns and Governance,” taught by the Chief of Staff at the DNC. His speakers worked on campaigns for both parties and included pollsters, reporters, communications directors, and political operatives.

Where did you work?: I worked at a lobbying firm. Other students in the program worked at think tanks, on Capitol Hill or in a federal agency. The sky is the limit.

Most Memorable Moment: Meeting Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) at a fundraiser.

Advice for Someone Considering WIW: By studying away, I demonstrated that I am not afraid to take risks and can seize opportunities. Participating in a study abroad or study away program is optional, and it is easier to enroll on campus rather than seek a unique experience. This initiative is a good signal to employers and the program kept my college experience fresh.

Skills you used in your internship: Surprisingly, teaching became a very important part of my job. Most partners at the lobbying firm were not tech-savvy. I became indispensable because I could teach partners how to use their software. I showed adaptability by adjusting my language; I couldn’t use terms like “interface” or “word processor” because the partners may not have understood what I was referring to.

“This program is professional boot-camp and the best decision I made in college.”