USA (Virtual): Shruti Bhargava

Program: Wisconsin in Washington, DC Internship Program, Summer virtual

Shruti’s Majors: Economics and Education Studies Major, Certificate in Public Policy

What is the moment you are most proud of? 

Perhaps the moment I received an email knowing that an alum had reached out personally to connect with me. It felt great to realize I made an impactful impression on someone who interviewed me. Initially I thought my interview with them went really bad, but it was comforting to know they remembered me.

Describe your internship and how it has helped advance your career or studies. 

Working at Quinella Global has been exciting. I have gotten the opportunity to work on U.S. trade and foreign policy research. There was abundant similarity between school coursework and my internship project. Both required me to write policy briefs, blogs, and conduct research. The processes were very similar, the difference was that the writing I did for my internship would get published.

What did you learn about yourself or the world because of your experience?

Through the WiW program I was forced to network with professionals which pushed me to consider various other fields like consulting and communications. I learnt that because of my diverging interests I should perhaps consider a career path that lets me explore both economics, policy and education.

How will your experience benefit you in the future?

The WiW program has definitely made me more proactive towards job searching. Now I am aware and skilled to make the best use of all campus career resources. Connecting with Badger alums has been the most beneficial resource.