Introducing Kristina Rozenbergs

I am not a spontaneous person. This I have known to be true for a very long time…too long. Even at the ripe old age of 11 my friends labeled me as safe, a label I’m not sure anyone should bestow on a person at such a young age, but nevertheless it was true. Now it may very well have been caused my insurmountable boredom upon returning to school two full weeks before the spring semester began, but I, Kristina Rozenbergs, decided to put to rest that ten year-old idea of caution and apply for a summer study abroad program in Norway.

Oslo, Norway. It all seemed so utterly spectacular, so utterly foreign, so utterly daring. I would be frolicking amongst the fjords in the Land of the Midnight Sun, the place where my ancestors supposedly wore horned helmets, dank mead and told great myths about eight legged horses named Slippy. Yes. This would definitely do.

So, two weeks after submitting the product of my spontaneity to the study abroad office, my electronic carrier brought word of my fate. Sometimes being a bit “dangerous” pays off and this time I was handsomely rewarded. Off to Norway I shall go and here I shall start my tale, regretfully without Slippy, the eight-legged horse.