Introductions and Interactions

My first time in DC since I was in the 8th grade. Nothing is the way I remember it being to be completely honest. Everything just seems so much bigger; this could also be because I was in middle school and I was unable to venture out by myself whenever I wanted to. I have already seen so much, and I cannot wait for what is to come.


Thus far, I truly enjoy the class and the classmates I have met on this trip. Many of my classes have begun to get smaller as I have gotten further in my college career, so the fact that we only have around 15 students is not unique to me. A lot of my classes at UW are discussion based so I like the structure of the class and the material we have touched on so far. I am majoring in Social Work, so a lot of the topics we will cover in the course I am somewhat familiar with already. 


The beginning of this trip was a little rocky due to weather and flights being delayed. Spending the night in Chicago and having to wake up extremely early in the morning, and feeling like we would almost miss our flight to DC. Missing a day of class and having to adjust the schedule almost immediately after we got here. My sleep schedule is still very much in recovery, I am not a morning person at all. All in all I would not have changed a thing, I think it is all part of the experience. Everything happens for a reason right? 


I feel like I have met a lot of great people on this trip and I now understand why everyone was chosen to experience Global Gateway. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming including Professor Canon and his wife. I appreciate getting to meet other UW students after a year of online learning and being separated from everyone. I happen to be one of very few seniors on the trip, but it has been great getting to know all of the underclassmen. 


Getting back to in-person learning has not been that bad to transition. I fear that in the fall it will be a little more challenging because we will be inside more frequently and have more than one class a day where we have to keep our masks on. I really enjoy the seminar style of the class. I feel like it makes the two hours go by pretty quickly. The classroom space is very nice and reminds me so much of our campus because of the decorations. 


I enjoy the excursions we have for the class. It is definitely a unique experience and way to learn. I think it is important to go to museums when talking about the history of our country. A lot of the places have created a wide range of emotions for me and I am glad I was able to go to some of them again a couple years older. There is so much to take in and think about while walking through these buildings. 


Jasmyne Short