Global Gateway in Washington

I found out about the Global Gateway program on chance. I happened to be sitting in a dentist’s office when I received an email from UW about an exciting opportunity. I started reading about the Global Gateway program. The more I read about all the different excursions that the program offered, I knew I had to take this chance. After the previous year, I hadn’t gotten out very often and any opportunity to get was one I was not going to pass up. I saw this program as a chance for me to meet new people and expand my horizons in the nation’s capital. 

My goals coming into this program were pretty simple. I wanted to finish this class with a grade of at least an AB. I like to keep my grade aspirations high. I believe it’s important to always shoot for the stars. My second goal was to expand my horizons. I grew up in a predominantly white suburb and I haven’t interacted with many people outside my own race, so I wanted to use the opportunity of this class to expand my knowledge of other races and other people’s experiences. My third goal was to meet new people. As I said before, the last year of covid was hard on my social life. I really wanted to use the opportunity of the Global Gateway program to meet new people and potentially make some friends. 

Two weeks into the class, and my goals have not changed much. My grades have actually been better than I was expecting, which is amazing. I think the class discussions have helped greatly in my absorption of the class material. It also helps that the course material has been quite interesting. So far, I think I’ve made some significant headway on my second goal of expanding my horizons. I have learned quite a bit since the beginning of our class. Our daily discussions have helped me to learn different perspectives on the readings that I normally wouldn’t have heard. It definitely helps that our class is made up of a majority of people of color. My third goal was to meet new people, and I have definitely made progress on that front. The other members of this class are all very welcoming. I am happy that so far we have avoided any major drama bombs. 

Going into the final week of class, I still have some progress to make on my goals. For my first goal, I just need to stay on my current path. So far, I have been able to stick to my grade goal, but it is important that I not relax too much. For my second goal, I can’t stop working on expanding my horizons. Paying attention in class and listening to my classmates will greatly help in this effort. Our daily excursions to local museums can also help this effort. For my third goal, I will have to work to keep relationships from falling apart. Friendship is something that needs to be worked at, and I can’t be reclusive and not talk to anyone.

Lucas Brown