England: Sadik Mohamed

Introduction (January 2022)


My name is Sadik Mohamed and I am a recipient of the Spring 2022 Global Gateway Fellowship for my study abroad program in London at the University of Westminster. I am currently a Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying economics and strategic communications while also getting a certificate in public policy. I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri which is where I was born and raised with my four siblings. 

On the UW campus, I have been involved in a variety of clubs from the Wisconsin Consulting Club to the Economics Student Association, Public Relations Student Society Association, and the Sunrise Movement. These clubs all really meld together my focus on professional development and professional interest with also some things I am passionate about like social issues such as climate change. In my free time, I am interested in a variety of things from running, coffee, photography/social media, cooking, and I also love trying new restaurants. In fact, I use to have a food Instagram account cleverly titled “Sadik Eats” where I used to go around trying new foods and posting food reviews. Sadik Eats is hopefully something I will reboot while I am abroad in London. While at school, I love finding new study spots, thrift shopping, and going to different coffee shops in Madison. These are all interests of mine that I would bring with me to London. 

I am so excited to have this opportunity to study abroad in London as I am intrigued by the prospects of living in such a massive, multicultural metropolis that is also quite historical in nature. This is all largely due to the Globe Gateway Fellowship. I initially learned about the fellowship on the WiSH website. I had initially received some emails about different opportunities and programs that exist that make studying abroad more accessible at UW-Madison and so I was searching on the WiSH website and stumbled upon the Global Gateway Fellowship. Once I applied for the Fellowship, I quickly learned that I had been selected as a Global Gateway Fellowship recipient. This fellowship has made my dream of studying abroad in London not only possible but even more exciting. 

I was initially torn between studying abroad in Paris or London. However, I initially decided on studying abroad in London largely because it just seemed like the best fit for me. First off, I was very interested in studying abroad in London as I have family that lives here and they have always raved about how amazing of a city it is so that truly enticed me as well as being comforted by the fact that if I needed family they are just a tube ride away. I also love that London is a melting pot of a city and this quality comes out when looking at the variety of options that exist in relation to restaurants, nightlife, cultural events, museums and so much more. London has a lot to offer someone who is craving variety, excitement, and expansive adventures and I am beyond grateful that I get to have an opportunity to study there for a whole semester. As I have been in London for about a week now, I have seen this variety in culture and opportunity first hand from the different ethnic cuisine offerings on my street alone to walking into a coffee shop and hearing people speaking several languages to taking in the offerings at several different historical sites and museums. London has so much for me to explore and this past week has made me even more excited for what is to come over the next couple of months. Stay tuned! 

From across the pond, Sadik Mohamed