Ireland: Yesenia Gamero

Being born and raised in Los Angeles I was exposed to diverse cultures and people. However, when I arrived in Ireland I did not expect to see as much diversity as I did. As soon as I landed I was hearing a variety of languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Gaeilge, French, and many more. Not only that, but with more time I spent in the city the more cultural foods I was exposed to, including traditional Irish food. On top of that, everyone was very welcoming and open to helping my friends and I as we looked for places to discover in Ireland. The most memorable moment was the day we hiked at Bray as the mountains had the best view of the ocean and the city.

Within the classroom every professor and assistant professor came from different parts of the world. I was very happy to see that our classroom was going to be taught by various individuals with different ideas, experiences, and knowledge. I’ve never thought about how this setting would enrich our learning until we got to our last class. We were presenting about what we found most interesting in our course. I reflected on the classrooms, university, peers, and professors. Everyone enriched our learning especially as we had many group discussions and activities. Learning from each other helped us understand the material and be comfortable asking our professor questions. This setting was truly productive and made me appreciate the education in Ireland.

Yesenia Gamero

Major: Nursing and Gender & Women’s Studies

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Program: University College Dublin Nursing in Ireland