Mexico: Anna Strautmanis (First Impressions)

Hello from Querétaro! This is my second week here at Tec de Monterrey University. I am already fully in love with this program and city. I could not have asked for a better situation. My host family, University, and the people are all more than I could have hoped for. I already feel very comfortable in my new home. I’m really looking forward to improving my Spanish and to continue to familiarize myself with Queretaro.


Anna Strautmanis 

Hometown: Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Major: International Studies – Global Security Track, International Development and Education certificate

Program: ITESM-Queretaro Program

I am very excited to be in Mexico and learn many things about the language, people, and culture of the beautiful historic city. I am really looking forward to improving my Spanish language skills, both for personal and professional goals. I am interested in seeing how education differs from universities around the world, so I am looking forward to being a part of the university community. My family is Latvian and we speak the language at home. Being immersed in Latin American culture is important to me because I want to experience something different than the European culture that I am accustomed to.