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I’ve been back in the States for over a week and every day I notice another difference between my home and China.  The difference in population is the most noticeable. China is filled with people, and it’s commonplace to be shoulder to shoulder with random people.  Walking into the airport in Seattle, WA I was overwhelmed by how empty it felt.  There were lots of people around, but nothing compared to a train station in China.  Along with the enormous population in China comes an enormous amount of cars.  Traffic in China was worse than I have ever experienced, even in big cities like New York and L.A.  The crazy driving and continuous blare of car horns have all but vanished since returning home.  Another difference was the food.  In China, there’s not much variety in food.  Eating Japanese or Korean food is eating ethnically there.  Since I’ve been home I’ve had Italian, Mexican, Thai, and Indian.  The possibilities for a meal are endless.  The air quality is another major difference.  Everyday since I’ve been home I’ve been able to see clouds in the sky and the shining sun.  There were only a handful of days during our three months that we experienced a clear sky.  The last major difference is there are such a large variety of ethnicities in the US.  We really live in a melting pot.  There are very few foreigners in China, and coming to the States it was new to see people of all different races.  While in China I had a very interesting question asked of me. My tutor asked if in Americans are surprised to see Asian people, similar how Chinese are surprised to see foreigners.  This question really made me realize how much diversity we are lucky experience everyday.  The differences are endless and when visiting China you really are experiencing a new world.

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  1. One of the most apparent cultural differences to a foreigner living in China is personal hygiene. It is well known that spitting is common throughout China, but I did not know that many Chinese consider blowing your nose straight onto the ground to be fairly acceptable until I experienced it! To many foreigners, this is considered unclean and often quite disgusting. On the other hand, however, I was not aware that my idea of the hygienic way to deal with the same problem, (ex: blowing my nose into a tissue) is considered fairly rude if done in public. At best, it is considered very strange and will attract a great deal of starring or sniggering if done in front of other people.

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