Have I Got a Story for You

Well, I’ve been back in Egypt now since jan 16th, it was nice to go home for a while, see the relatives etc. So for the last couple weeks I’ve spent most of my time trying to deal with issues in the apartment and it is becoming more and more apparent that life here is hard- and dealing with these issues in Arabic!

Like, for example, trying to figure out how to use our extremelyyyyyyy old gas stove. Thanks for nothing google, let’s just say the place you have to light was in none of the places it said so there I am with my arm fully in the oven with a match trying to light gas from a hole I can’t find.

And then there’s the people who come to our door and want money for stuff and I’m always like what? And they’re always like “yeah, garbage collection.” or “yeah, gas” and I’m all no, thank you, it’s already taken care of… and they’re like “O_O dude.”

AND then there’s the internet. We spent 3 hours in the internet store trying to work out with the guy what we wanted and etc and then we needed the name of our landlord but we only knew his first name and Ahmed isn’t very helpful in this country. And we still don’t have internet.

And then! There’s no lights in the kitchen. Well, there are lights, but blew a fuse in the kitchen and normally we would just push the little button in the fuse box and all would be well. But the button itslf is broken in a bizarrely cruel way, in that I can push the button in alllll I want but it just pops back out.


On a positive note I uploaded a few videos of Egypt to my youtube while I was home. Here’s one showing the craziness on Cairo streets during Ramadan and at the end showing how close the city has spread out to the pyramids so that people literally live with the pyramids out the window.


Sooooooo, I have quite a story for you.

So, last weekend my roommates and I finally went to the zoo, something I’ve been wanting to do since last semester. And a couple of the new girls came and Mahmoud and Nady(which was funny because first semester Mahmoud told me that the zoo sucks, but he came anyway). Yes, an Egyptian zoo is sad in that the animals don’t have nearly as big or nice cages as they do in America. But the zoo is also fun because the animals are extremelyyyyyyyy close and in cases like the lions and the bears you can feed them and pet them through the bars. I petted a real LION. In cases of the ostrich you can ride it if you want. Goats? Yes, please enter and feed them/harass them as much as you want.

So, we came to the cage of a sort of small gazelle and we noticed a tiiiiiny orange kitten sitting in the cage with him. The gazelle put his face down as if to nuzzle him, proving that animals are affection compassionate beings and he instead rammed him! With his horns! Not like hard enough to seriously injure the kitten but still! Just at that moment a man came up asking if we’d like to go into the peacock cage and feed a whole flock of peacocks and I said (in arabic of course) “no, but I would like to take that cat.” And he said ok and I was like really? So, to get to the cat we had to go through the peacocks so I did feed them and pet them and then I had to go through a cage with like an emu and then try to avoid the gazelle and rescue the kitten! Who now lives safety in our apartment and goes by the name Mishmish. :]

Being that he was a very starving kitten who lived with a gazelle, he came with many health issues attached. Including trying to get his digestive system to start working again. He also had a cold and an eye infection at the time we got him. The cold and eye infection are now gone. He had been bottle feeding him a kitten recovery formula that we made from a recipe from the internet but now he’s starting to eat cat food with a little water added to make it softer. He is getting stronger and more playful everyday. Mishmish lights up our apartment.

Besides that I’ve just been seeing my friends, trying to explore the neighborhood a bit and, unfortunately, get back into the habit of studying a lottttttttt.

That’s all for now. I’ll talk to you guys later.

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  1. Hey you,

    So it looks like Egypt is revolutionizing. Other then the insane blizzard we had yesterday it been the biggest news story of the last week. How goes it in Alexandria . . . assuming you have internet access, I guess. I needs me some street level reporting. Or maybe just impressions from a safe distance; whichever you prefer.

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