Morocco-Bound at Last!!!

Hello All! I can’t believe I’m finally on the brink of what is sure to be one of my greatest adventures yet! THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS!! I will be standing on Moroccan soil TOMORROW!!!  I can barely contain my excitement! There’s so much I feel like I’m still not ready for, more I wanted to research, other things I wanted to take care of, etc. BUT I guess whether I’m ready for it or not, it’s officially go-time!

I’ve spent the last month slowly making my way from Israel to Jordan through Europe, down to the southern coast of Spain, and tomorrow I will take the nice and short 2 hour ferry-ride to Northern Africa. (!!!) My last month on my own wandering about Europe has me itching for even more new experiences and new cultures, but before my program in Fes officially starts- I get one beautiful, blissful week with one of my favorite people in the entire universe- my mother! She is flying in tomorrow, and we’re meeting in Rabat! I’m SO excited to see her and to explore a little bit of Morocco with her! I haven’t seen her face since July!! And that is quite some time! We’ll be visiting Rabat, Casablanca, Fes and Meknes, and then she’ll return back to (from what I hear, a tremendously cold) Wisconsin, while I meet up with the rest of the students who will be doing their semesters at the Arabic Language Institute of Fes! I can’t wait to start!

I PROMISE I’ll share pictures of my first thoughts and impressions as soon as humanly possible-but in the meantime, wish me luck on crossing the border, (yay for one more stamp in my passport!!)  and try to survive that fluffy white stuff they call snow! (I seem to have forgotten what it is??)

To all my fellow badgers, much love from across the Atlantic!