Please, sir, I want some more.

Little Oliver Twist does a nice job of summing up my feelings after my fabulous weekend trip to London.

But seriously govnuh, may I have some more?

I declare my second weekend adventure a success- minus missing my connecting flight in Frankfurt due to weather and consequently arriving in London five hours after my expected arrival all while being unable to contact my friend, Leigh, who was ever so patiently awaiting my appearance at a café near her flat for FIVE HOURS. She is a true friend. And I think my first gray hair just grew in.

Despite spending nearly half my life in European airports this weekend, I refuse to acknowledge the travel mishaps and allow them to overshadow a wonderful weekend in posh London with Leigh. We made up for the lost time with a jam-packed Saturday, hitting all of the must-see-sights and gorging ourselves with fish n chips and Belgian waffles drizzled with milk chocolate (have you started salivating yet?).

I looooooooooove London. Love. Love. Love. Simply the atmosphere of the city is well, delightful. So what makes it so delightful, you ask? Well let’s see…

1.     A long history- The US is actually an embryo compared to England.

2.     A well-known and proud history- I knew little to nothing before arriving in Prague about Charles IX and Czech history, but when it comes to England, I know allllll about Henry XIII, including all of the skeletons in his closet (and to be sure, there are quite a few)

3.     God save the Queen!- They still have a monarchy, even if the Queen does little more than wave and wear a 20 lb. crown……And on that note….

4.     THE ROYAL WEDDING = sheer madness. I feel like the Brits are going to start auctioning off their first born just to be able to line the streets during the procession.

5.     A bustling business sector- I’ve heard London called the “business center” of Europe and with so many business men and women rushing around the city in their power suits, it was easy to understand that nickname. I could almost feel the multi-million dollar, international deals going down all around me.

6.     Fish n chips (and other amazing food i.e.- chocolate drizzled waffles)- AMAZING. London is an extremely cosmopolitan city with food from all over the world. I was amazed at the lack of obesity, but then again they have…

7.     Hyde Park- It’s huge and green and beautiful. Runners, bikers, and “mums” with strollers galore. They have to make up for all of those pastries they eat. Another exercise habit (and a rather peculiar one at that)? Running with backpacks. And these backpacks are not camelbaks, or fanny packs, but legitimate backpacks that you see 4th graders wearing at the bus stop (minus the Hannah Montana detail of course). What they have in them, I’m not quite sure but I couldn’t help think these runners were just simply constantly trying to catch the bus… a bus that was 50 blocks away.

8.     Pubs- loud, packed, and full of beer. It’s a jolly atmosphere that can’t be beat.

9.     They sound cool- Hellooooo accents! You know how they say that Brits automatically sound smarter due to their accent? So true. It also ups their attractiveness by a good two points.

10. “Darling”- The smallest everyday details of the city are just simply “darling.” From their “litter” cans to double-decker buses, the black cabs, ornate park benches, and tea time, everything has aesthetic appeal.

And the final attribute of the city that makes it so appealing? It is livable. Walking around the city I kept envisioning myself living in London as a posh 20-something with a die-for career, living in a “darling” little flat that I share with Keira Knightly, and dating a younger version of Daniel Craig. Okay, well maybe not. BUT I could see myself in London again someday and I would be lying if I said I didn’t promptly look up BBC News internships upon my return from London.

Now that I have gone on and on about how “darling” and aesthetically pleasing London is, why don’t I just show you?

I was amazed to learn that double-deckers were not just for show, but were actually their public bus transportation- so posh.
At the Bloody Tower of the Tower of London. Rather fitting that I was wearing red.
The families that live and work in the Tower of London live in these flats. Can you imagine growing up in the Tower of London? Eeery.
Who would have though a trashcan could be so cute. Say "litter" in a British accent and it's even cuter.
My tour guide diligently working in the Tower
Blue accents everywhere at the Tower
Even on Tower Bridge!
Spice Girls 4-EVER!
I was thinking of booking Westminster on April 29th for a wedding but I heard it was booked already. Weird.
It had to be done
Will do
These Fish n Chips changed my life. So good. But the green mush on the side that they cleverly market as "mushy peas?" Not so much...
Imagine a warm and crispy brown Belgian waffle covered in drizzled milk chocolate. This was the result. I couldn't even stop eating the deliciousness to take a picture before I devoured it....Not one of my prouder moments.
Kensington Palace (aka "My Future Residence") in Hyde Park

I can’t thank Leigh enough for giving me such a great weekend in London. Even though I was really only able to experience the city for 36 hours, we made the most of it and I can’t wait to visit the city again. And now that I have two weekend adventures under my belt, I will be staying in Prague for the next few weekends preparing for my own turn as “tour guide” for when my mom and sister Kristina visit me in the beautiful “City of 100 Spires.” I can’t wait!

Tomorrow my program is taking us on a field trip to Lidice, a small town northwest of Prague that was obliterated by Nazis in 1942 after the assassination of Hitler’s secondhand man, Reinhard Heydrich- should be interesting!

Na Sheldanou!